An alternative trip to Homer's "Odyssey" through different audiovisual links and illustrations. The application exploits a series of digitized records of both the Greek Library and the Onassis Foundation's Books & Arts, which revolve around the theme of "Odyssey", book.

2015 / UI & Website Design / AGENCY: Steficon

The user has the opportunity to tour the written text leafing through the pages of some rare versions of these works. The Odyssey of Homer, one of the oldest works of Western literature in written form, was justifiable project appropriate to the starting point of this ambitious project. The user knows that the Homeric epic traversing the pages of one of his first publications. This is the version of the Odyssey that took place in 1542 in Venice by printing house of Giovanni Farri & Fratres. The possibilities and tools of implementation and the accompanying explanatory texts and audiovisual material incorporated allow the user a more experiential and integrated approach of the Homeric epic. Furthermore, through the paths of Odyssey opened the way for his meeting with a number of other valuable intellectual creations and rare editions.

The main application and how it works: I could say that the application can be divided in three sections: The intro screens, the main app and the informative parts. Regarding the main app the interface continues where its left from the intro screens: We see a Header navigation, the main app content and the bottom navigation.

Color specifications: Without any prior briefing about the styling appearance of the application, I thought of making a research on the internet so to see famous paintings about Homer’s Odyssey story. I notice – as you see on the picture below – many paintings with neutral colors. I found the relative colors between some painting-samples and made my color palette.